Episode 12 | This Ain’t the First Time

July 10, 2020

Join Father Bozeman along with his special guest Dr. Marcus Cox, MBA, Ph.D, as they enter a conversation about The History of Mass Incarceration. Dr. Cox is a Professor of History at Xavier University of Louisiana. 

Episode 11 | It Ain’t Automatic

June 25, 2020

Grab your bibles and join Father Bozeman in scripture today. Given the current climate of today, Father Bozeman shows us that everything we desire like justice, love, joy and peace does not happen automatically, both for us and in Scripture. Tune in!

Episode 10 | I Pledge Allegiance

June 18, 2020

Today Father Bozeman will dive into one of the most controversial conversations happening in our country right now. As always, he will be keeping real and breaking it down with the Word of God. Grab your Bible and tune in.

Episode 9 | Special Needs & the Word

June 11, 2020

Father Bozeman welcomes his first special guests from the Same Journey. Different Paths: A Special Needs Parenting Podcast, Shaney Washington. Father Bozeman and Shaney dive into the scripture and the journey of special needs parents. Grab your bibles and listen in.

Episode 8 | You Need To Be A Mama’s Boy

June 4, 2020

Continuing the topic of our mother Mary, Father Bozeman dives into scripture that displays to us clearly why we should run to our Mother for help and intercede on our behalf. Make sure you subscribe and leave a review.

Episode 7 | There is Something About Mary

May 28, 2020

Father Bozeman could not let the month of May pass by without saying anything about our mother Mary. Grab your Bibles for some B.S. (Bible Study) as we dive into Mary’s yes.

Episode 6 | COVID-19… Not A Hoax!

April 16, 2020

Join Father Bozeman today as he speaks to the hot topic of COVID-19  and how we should be spiritually prepared during these troubling times. Don’t forget your bible!

Episode 5 | No More Death Penalty

April 9, 2020

Join Father Bozeman today as he leads a discussion about the Death Penalty in the US and why it should be abolished. Agree? Disagree? Grab your bible and find out!

Episode 4 | Why Is You Afraid of the Cops?

April 2, 2020

Join Father Bozeman today in a popular social justice discussion about the history and biblical reference of police brutality in the US. As always, grab your bible for this insightful Word. 

Episode 3 | Where My Black Catholics At? Pt. 2

March 26, 2020

Join Father Bozeman for the 2nd installment of “Where My Black Catholics At? As always, grab your Bible and tune in to this powerful Word Father has just for you.

Episode 2 | Where My Black Catholics At? Pt. 1

March 19, 2020

Join Father Bozeman today in a conversation about the misconception that “black people, in general, are not Catholic”. He will be using scripture, so break out your Bible and Turn Up On the Word. 

Episode 1 | Tackling the Sin of the Church

March 12, 2020

Our pilot episode kicks off with a very controversial topic plaguing the Catholic Church today, pedophilia. Father Anthony M. Bozeman, SSJ will give his personal thoughts on this outrageous sin happening around the country and how we as a faith family should proceed.